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10 Contrary Actions for Life’s Little Moments



1. Take a walk instead of a nap.

2. Take some deep breaths instead of speaking out in anger at someone.

3. Give someone a compliment when feeling envious or less-than.

4. Make amends instead of plotting revenge.

5. Engage in visualizing the life of your dreams instead of engaging in “morbid reflection.”

6. Replace a fearful thought with an empowering memory.

7. Go to a meeting instead of telling yourself why you can’t at that time.

8. Politely decline an invitation instead of going out of false obligation and feeling unhappy, disconnected, or uncomfortable.

9. Go to bed and get some rest / sleep instead of getting sucked into meaningless and uninspiring social media.

10. Lead a conversation about possibilities, ideas, and dreams instead of gossip, rumors, and drama.




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10 Contrary Actions for Life’s Little Moments

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