As we approach the “halfway point” of summer, we wanted to recommend a few must-read books on the topic of sobriety. Our research led us to an excellent list on the blog at The Sober School that highlights 11 titles. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we decided to excerpt that post for our readers! You may access the original article here.


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Summer Reading: Brilliant Books About Sobriety


by Kate


When I was thinking about quitting drinking, no one in my “real life” seemed to get how I was feeling about alcohol. Struggling with your drinking can be a very isolating experience, but seeing your story reflected in someone else’s can be so powerful.

These brilliant books about sobriety have all been read and loved by my students, so I’m confident they will inspire and motivate you too.


Kick The Drink ~ Jason Vale
“One of the biggest advantages to being free is the ability to remember everything, every part, every second of this precious life and always be in full control with the knowledge you are seeing everything with a clear head.”


Mrs D Is Going Without ~ Lotta Dann
“Since I took the alcohol away, slowly but surely every aspect of my life has gotten better. This really is super cool, given that things didn’t appear particularly bad from the outside when I was boozing. Only after I put down the wineglass did I start to realise what a big impact my habitual drinking was having on all corners of my life.”


The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober ~ Catherine Gray
“Drunk bonding is like a glue stick. It’s cheap and it sticks quickly. But it’s also easily torn asunder. Whereas sober bonding is more like cement. It takes a heck of a lot longer to set. More effort. But once it’s there, it’s solid as a rock. Ain’t no shifting that bad boy.”


The Sober Diaries ~ Clare Pooley
“I used wine to wind down, to rev up, to celebrate, to commiserate, to socialise and for my ‘me time’. But then the day came when I realised I couldn’t do any of those things – relax, party, de-stress – without the wine.”


This Naked Mind ~ Annie Grace
“I love the fact I don’t need to stop at the liquor store to enjoy my evening. And while everyone has bad days, mine have become fewer and easier to deal with. I no longer make one bad day into two by getting drunk and spending the day after with a hangover.  It’s time for you to find that same freedom.”


The Sober Revolution ~ Lucy Rocca
“The short-term fix of sinking a bottle of plonk will NOT grant you happiness – guaranteed. The only way you can achieve that is to determine to navigate your way through the initial challenges that life throws at you alcohol-free, thus building up your inner emotional strength.”


Sober Is The New Black ~ Rachel Black
“Alcohol is the boss and will continue its takeover of your life to the detriment of everything else. It becomes the dominating force. Life as you know it becomes increasingly compromised… this is the time to recognise that alcohol can no longer stay in your life.”


Alcohol Explained ~ William Porter
“As things became increasingly desperate I turned to Alcoholics Anonymous thinking it would further the understanding I was looking for. Unfortunately it didn’t. Alcoholics Anonymous is essentially a spiritual programme. It is based on the premise that God will provide a solution. This is fine if you’re looking for a spiritual answer, but I wasn’t.”


Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety ~ Sacha Z. Scoblic
“What I was really thinking was: Don’t even for a minute think I’m vanilla because the truth is I am so hard-core I had to quit. I drank so much it was a matter of life and death. I’m like a rock star compared with you … you should look at me with a touch of fear and awe because I am such a badass you would quiver just to think about the amount of rot gut I’ve ingested over the years. So step off with your preconceived notions, okay?”


Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget ~ Sarah Hepola
“I thought nothing of spending most evenings in a bar, because that’s what my friends were doing. I thought nothing of mandating wine bottles for any difficult conversation – for any conversation at all – because that’s what I saw in movies and television. Glasses of white wine had become shorthand for honest communication.”


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine ~ Gail Honeyman
Ok, so this isn’t a memoir or self help book. It’s a fiction book. But if you’ve ever drank your way through feelings of loneliness, you’ll resonate with this funny and beautifully written novel.





11 Books for Sober Summer Reading

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