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5 Aspects of Spirituality That Everyone Needs in Recovery


Spirituality can mean so many different things, but it’s essentially what keeps us grounded in our lives. Spirituality brings us balance, peace, joy and so much more, and it’s something that we all have to work towards each day. 12-Step programs emphasize spirituality because of how truly transformational it is on the heart. For many who have struggled with addiction, there is a void that needs to be filled – and while we try to use substances to fill that gap, they simply don’t work. Throughout recovery, however, we can actively strengthen our spiritual selves to fill the missing pieces in our lives. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of spirituality that we all really need:


Hope – when we strengthen our spirituality, we’re likely to have a better outlook on the future. We walk a little taller because we know that everything will be okay – even if we aren’t sure how yet.


Compassion and Understanding – Mother Theresa once said, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” As human beings, we’re all fragile; we all make mistakes, we all have regrets and we’ve all experienced pain. Spirituality helps us recognize others’ pain as well as our own, with the ability to be compassionate to others in acknowledgement of what it means to be human.


Sense of Purpose – a 2017 study published in the journal Addiction emphasized that addiction takes away meaningful life activities and connections that give us a sense of purpose in life; conversely, spirituality brings us closer to ourselves and to a Higher Power, which means we can then become closer to others as well.


Inspiration – through sponsorship, individual therapy, group activities and more, those in recovery can find inspiration. Spirituality is about connecting to others and coming together as a community – both of which only serve to strengthen love and hope.


Peace of Mind – when we place less emphasis on ourselves, we can have a peace of mind in knowing that we are on the right path for a reason. Spirituality gives us this sense of peace by allowing us to overflow with stability, love and balance.




5 Key Aspects of Spirituality

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