8 Ways to Enjoy the Crisp Onset of Autumn––Sober


When I first stopped drinking, I was unaware that it could be possible to enjoy things without alcohol or drugs. The alcohol was the centerpiece of any event I attended, and procuring it or making sure it was available was the first order of business.

How wonderful to know that my full sensory enjoyment of simple things has magnified so much more than anything I thought was fun in my blurry, boozy haze of pseudo fun.


1. Make a pot of stew or soup that simmers and fills your home with yummy aroma.

2. Pull out and prepare your turtlenecks, socks, and scarves.

3. Light candles with spicy scented warmth.

4. Make a cup of hot chocolate and put on a movie.

5. Attend a Harvest Festival in your local area.

6. Attend a matinee.

7. Spend an afternoon in the public library.

8. Take a walk in the early evening as the sun starts to set.



In gratitude, harmony, and support,



8 Ways to Enjoy the Crisp Onset of Autumn––Sober

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