My name is Lena DeMonte and I am a student of one of the New Thought teachings, specifically Science of Mind, as well as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I started this blog and website as a place to share my experience navigating the common ground of these two programs. This has helped me to take my life experience to a new level, and continues to do so, as long as I stay all in and “keep coming back.”

Distilling the wisdom and spirituality of Ernest Holmes (the founder of Science of Mind) and Bill Wilson (the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous), along with the wisdom of other teachers, thinkers, and poets, this space holds an invitation to deeper discussions that share experience, strength, hope and spirituality in a safe and accepting environment.

New Thought Sobriety evolved from many individual compelling conversations that have taken place in the rooms of AA, in the sanctuaries of New Thought Centers and in assorted open-air places where like-minded people have questioned and wondered, answered and affirmed.

Questioned and affirmed what? Simply our beliefs and realizations that sobriety is a beautiful choice.

It is a serenely enriching choice when the affirmative power of our learned positive thinking is coupled with the Higher Power in the Universe that supports our good when we let it.

Marvelously doable, one day at a time and with the help of a community. Sobriety through spirituality is a way of life that really can and does propel us to a new dimension when we use the most important and powerful tool that we have at our disposal – and that is our thinking.

Please share your thoughts, comments, insights and successes on this site.