“I AM that I am.”     ~ The Bible, Exodus

“I am what I am.”     ~ Popeye


Are You Really?

Meaning no disrespect to the Bible or to Popeye, this is such a powerful statement. Both the 12 Step program and Science of Mind offer the idea that whatever we state after those first 2 words is our truth. It’s what we declare, create, believe, and become.

So might as well make it empowering, positive, and healthy.

Honesty is considered the principle of Step 1.

Seems like month 1 is the perfect time to take an honest re-view of where I am in my life. Can I recognize or redefine any newer and stronger truths for me now after the “I am?”
In AA meetings, I say “I am Lena and I’m an alcoholic.” Though true, I like to add “I am a sober, thriving, creative, expanding, evolving woman.” (I say this in my head actually, as I don’t feel the liberty to go off script.) “I AM becoming bolder” though; maybe someday I’ll add that out loud.

With my ever-increasing awareness of my inner chatterbox, I listen for myself to state desirable qualities instead of things that reflect a “character defect.” Better to say: I AM willing.  I AM productive. I AM open to going deeper. I AM courageous. I AM compassionate.” Words that empower me, not disempower me.

But still, back to honesty. I grow when I listen and catch my “I AM” statements that declare less than I want to be. Which is entirely different from feeling “less than” in regard to another person. I AM mastering that type of comparative thinking and happy to say experiencing it much less than before. Truth: I AM healthier than ever before!

I seek out those who know more than I do so I can learn. I no longer have to justify to myself (because no one else cares or notices) why I am not where they are. I enter the room with more confidence when I am honest about how I feel that day, and where I stand in my personal spiral of becoming. I am learning to more simply NOTICE, and not automatically JUDGE myself or others. Losing that needful energy to run toward, or away from, anything – learning to just be there.

In some gatherings, I’m the one more keenly aware of universal truths and how to play with them. In other rooms I feel like a first grader amongst grad students. But even grad students seek to learn more. I am deeply grateful to be amongst other seekers. Going for personal best, not comparative best.

I surround myself with others at all levels of awareness not to feel superior or inferior, but to learn, share, grow, teach. I learn to stand as a proud peer when around others I admire or aspire, as long as they’re positive, spiritual, growing people speaking the language of Truth. Because I AM that!

If rigorously honest with myself I must admit I’ve [up until now] held pockets of judgement toward others and / or myself. This IS a character defect and does nothing more than keep me blocked. A little “bondage of self” creeping in which can be flushed. I don’t think I fully realized this until this recent honest re-evaluation.

What other truths can I shine awareness on to dismantle or enforce as I sharpen my honesty? If I am honest, I have tons to look at.

What areas of your life are due for a rigorously honest re-view?
What are some empowering I AM statements that you declare? Any disempowering ones?
Do you compare yourself to others? In some areas more than others? What does that tell you?


In gratitude, harmony and support,


Are You Really?

5 thoughts on “Are You Really?

    • January 20, 2017 at 11:59 am

      Thanks Bob – so glad to connect with you.

  • January 19, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    I AM thankful and happy to have this life!!

  • January 20, 2017 at 6:19 am

    Thank you, Lena…such a great message! Just what I needed to read this morning before heading off to work.


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