“Keep coming back. It works if you work it.”
~Every AA meeting

“The one who wishes scientifically to work out his problems must daily take the time to meditate and mentally treat the condition, mo matter what the apparent contradictions may be.”
~Science of Mind Textbook, Ernest Holmes p 57

It was my very first ever AA meeting and a woman glommed on to me, pegging me as the newest of the newcomers – bewildered, numb, yet simultaneously in pain. She made sure I knew I was in the right place. Once observed, gone was my option to bolt in a moment of anxiety or slink out in a moment of shame. I would be too self-conscious to make a move toward the door.

She put a Big Book in my hand and suggested I read the first 164 pages. At the end of the meeting she looked me in the eye and said, “Keep coming back. It works if you work it.”

I was quite impressed at her wit to come up with such a clever phrase off the top of her head like that. And also, so intuitive of her to touch upon two of my issues so quickly.
I sensed then and now know deeply that keep coming back along with if you work it  are the keys to this thing, and not just for me, apparently.

Little did I know that I would hear those clever words hundreds of times in the days, months, years to come.

It reverberates with the same tone of truth I hear on Sundays at the Center for Spiritual Living.  At first I thought it meant to keep coming back to the brick and mortar building. But as time goes on, it also speaks to coming back to my own inner sanctuary where truth and peace hang out  – it makes sense both ways. 

As I keep working it, I continue to awaken and realize the time is right here, right now to transition the information from my intellect to my heart and embody it emotionally. Invite my heart to join in the work, and be willing to trust what happens.

I work it by following directions and doing what is suggested – even / especially when I think I know better. I keep coming back to daily meditation to cultivate serenity.

I claim, accept and affirm the gifts of sobriety which for me these days include peace, harmonious relationships, fellowship in the rooms, health, energy, love, abundance, and more.

I keep coming back to my emotional center via meditation and breathing, keep coming back to the Center for Spiritual Living and keep coming back to AA meetings. It works. 

• How has your persistence with the practice and the principles led to your deeper awakening?
• What are some things you do daily or regularly that keep you in check?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


Consistent Persistence

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