Dancing to Inner Wisdom… It’s Just a Jump to the Left, and then a Step to the Right!



Happy New Year to everyone in this wonderful New Thought Sobriety / Recovery Consciousness community.


Do you find that even though you know you can hit the reset button any time you choose, there’s something about a new calendar year that invites a really serious evaluation of what ought to be reset? What’s calling for more… what’s calling for less?


Here, just days into the new year, I can already feel the gravitational pull of the old familiar starting to tug at me.  And all of my intentions start to feel more “out there” than “right here right now.”


UNLESS actions are taken.


It hasn’t always been obvious to me over the years what these specific actions are that need to be taken (not counting those “elephant in the room” ones of course… though that is another issue – how big does the elephant have to get before I do something?!) The point is, I’m continuing to learn to trust myself and to listen to my inner wisdom despite my efforts to ignore it.


One call for action speaking to me loud and clear is a need to step away from my computer screen more often and engage in more face-to-face interactions with other human beings in real time.


I love writing my blog posts, and I love the connections they have brought me––the comments, the offline messages, and the contacts I hold dear. I want to keep all that and bring my best to this site. So all I need to do is replenish, and re-up on being in the game, not just writing about it.


For the next few months, I’ll rerun some of posts from the past. Maybe you’ll find some you missed, or maybe find some that now bring new insights based on your amazing personal growth from then until now.


We’ll also continue to feature the thought-provoking articles from others who travel this road to happy destiny with us that my marvelous mentor/partner/friend Cynthia discovers and posts for our reading pleasure.


And, I have an idea!


Here’s a shout-out to any of you who have ever expressed an interest in writing a post but haven’t gotten around to it yet … because life is busy and there always seems to be something else that shows up front and center…


Maybe this is the perfect time and space for you to fulfill your intention of writing this year. We would LOVE to hear from you!


…to be continued!    



In gratitude, harmony, and support,




Dancing to Inner Wisdom

2 thoughts on “Dancing to Inner Wisdom

  • January 19, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    I support this journey of yours 100%💜

  • January 19, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    You are a wonderfully supportive friend and I too fully support your journey – as we “walk each other home” to share a beautiful quote by Ram Dass.


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