2016-10-18-photo-1475302389077-6ec2b24b95bdThe person who is to succeed will never let his mind dwell on past mistakes. He will forgive the past in his life and in the lives of other people. If he makes a mistake he will at once forgive it.

~Ernest Holmes

“All of us felt at times that we were regaining control, but such intervals – usually brief – were inevitably followed by still less control, which led in time to pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization.”

~Bill Wilson



Darkness on the Edge of Town



Lately people in my day-to-day life have battled suicidal thoughts, fallen off the wagon, lost a loved one in a heartbreaking manner, and been painfully dumped. I used to dramatically interpret these types of events, or make some kind of self-righteous judgement. Which I know now is code for: things I feared could just as easily be happening to me.

Life can feel like it is crumbling and overwhelming, seemingly out of nowhere. We are spiritual beings having human experiences, yeah I know, but sometimes the humanity part flares up and feels like it overshadows.

It seems so puzzling that this darkness can co-exist in a world that offers music, full moons, love, puppies and kitties, laughter, and all the things that sound so trite, lame, and annoying while in the midst of a dark cloud. I know that “the spiritual life is not a theory, we have to life it,” as Bill W says…but sometimes when the bottom falls out, it’s hard enough to get out of bed and brush teeth, let alone dive into spiritual practices. Even though that’s when they’re needed most.

It’s easy to feel bitter or defeated sometimes, even knowing what we know. I hate that.

For me, I try to store up good will, feelings of gratitude, awareness, and appreciation when things are going smoothly. “This too shall pass” goes for the things we enjoy as well as those we endure. I want to emblazon on my mind the knowingness of well-being, and memorize it so I can pull it out when needed.

I want to deeply appreciate the fact that I can choose joy most of the time, and compassionate for those who are not in the choosing space. This ability to choose is a gift not to be taken lightly.  May the times be temporary and short lived that medical, chemical, or emotional factors come into play. May the awareness of the spiritual solution be the force that right-sides things. May we be grateful for the hindsight yet to come, and may we get to the hindsight part more quickly each time.


How are you impacted when others are reeling?
How do you get back on track when your world bumps you around?
How do you fortify yourself when things are going well?


In gratitude, harmony and support,


Darkness on the Edge of Town

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