FAQ – What do you mean when you say…?

New Thought?

This website uses the term New Thought to encompass a group of spiritual, philosophical, and scientific teachings that have deep and even ancient roots. This site refers to a more modern interpretation that reflects the 20th century teachings primarily of Science of Mind. The key element is that Universal Creative Intelligence, God, Spirit or a variety of terms that relate to a Higher Power of some kind, is a loving positive essence within each of us as well as in and through all things, as opposed to a judgmental distant being that punishes or rewards. This positive life force is accessed through our awareness of same and can be directed by our thoughts and feelings to create a positive experience for ourselves and for others.

Sobriety as used on this website refers to the overall lifestyle and well-being attained by incorporating spiritual principles into daily practice to achieve freedom from addictive substances and behaviors.

Centers for Spiritual Living or Centers refers to the communities worldwide that teach universal principles as outlined by Ernest Holmes. All lifestyles and spiritual paths are honored. Weekly services are offered as well as classes, workshops, and small groups.

Unity Movement is a spiritual, philosophical interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ founded in the late 1880’s by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, and is classified under the category of New Thought.

Ernest Holmes founded Science of Mind / Religious Science around 1930, based on the teachings of, among others: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins. He wrote the book called “The Science of Mind, A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life” which is considered the textbook of Religious Science / Science of Mind.

Bill Wilson co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous in the mid-1930’s. He is credited with writing “Alcoholics Anonymous” often referred to as “The Big Book.”