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The Four Absolutes: Changing Your Behavior in Sobriety


by Cassidy Webb



When I was a young girl I had an imagination that ran wild and dreamed of doing big things. I was going to be a scientist who created medications to save people from deadly diseases.

I had a good, pure heart and wanted nothing more than to help other people.

Little did I know that my innocence would be destroyed through bad decisions and a disease that encompassed my mind, body, and spirit.

Drug addiction took me down a road where imagination didn’t exist anymore. I wasn’t capable of having dreams because every moment of my life consisted of doing whatever I had to do to get my next fix. I couldn’t function without drugs, but they were killing me.

When I began my journey of recovery, I was introduced to four key spiritual principles to live by in order to let my imagination flow, achieve my dreams, and help others.

The four absolutes are the foundation upon which modern day recovery programs were built. It is proven that spiritual mechanisms promote behavior changes in people with substance use disorder.


1. Absolute Honesty

Practicing absolute honesty means asking the question, “is it true or is it false?” While in active addiction, the idea of honesty doesn’t have much meaning. However, while changing our life for the better, honesty is key to having integrity in all aspects of our lives.

Letting go of the self-deceiving nature that we have while in addiction is the first step in spiritual growth. The truth will set your spirit free to grow and flourish into the person you are capable of being.


2. Absolute Purity

Absolute purity bears the question, “is it right or is it wrong?”

The idea of purity is simple, we usually know what is right and what is wrong, but living a pure life means choosing to make the right decision. You probably knew what was right while held in the grips of addiction, but still decided to do the wrong thing for your own benefit.

Getting rid of our old selves to allow us to live a sober lifestyle depends on the purity of the choices we make today. We must constantly check our motives before making decisions in order to live a spiritual way of life.


3. Absolute Unselfishness

After causing damage in our lives due to selfish actions, in sobriety, we ask ourselves, “how will this help someone else?”

The truth in our recovery is that we cannot keep the life and happiness we are blessed with unless we give it away.

We find true purpose and meaning in life by selflessly giving to and helping others in the same way people helped us in early recovery. Being unselfish and freely giving means that we actually have something to offer the world around us. Helping others recover becomes the bright spot of our lives.


4. Absolute Love

The last of the four absolutes is love. “Is it ugly or is it beautiful?” This concept is so simple yet so complex. This principle can be implemented when we are feeling emotions such as fear or resentment.

If we live in a state of constant fear, we may hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential, and that is ugly. Having courage, the ability to walk through fear opens new doors and opportunities. And that is beautiful.

Hanging on to nasty resentments towards others only harms ourselves. Resentment is ugly.

Forgiveness, however, is beautiful. The ability to forgive others is to love others for their imperfections and misgivings. In practicing absolute love, we can find beauty and light in the ugliest, darkest times.

For most, getting off drugs and alcohol isn’t the end of the road. We are embarking on a beautiful, endless journey of recovery. On this journey, we must learn to live upon spiritual principles if we are to stay sober each day. We must be honest with ourselves and others, keep our motives pure, help others, and love unconditionally if we want to find true peace in our lives.

In practicing these principles, our imagination will be ignited once again. Dreams will have the opportunity to become reality. We absolutely can recover from a hopeless state of mind, body, and spirit by demonstrating the four absolutes whenever possible.


Four “Absolutes” for Recovery

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