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Is It Okay to Dream?
By Felicia Searcy


As 2015 winds down, people around the world are setting their sights on 2016. It is that time that traditionally we set goals and intentions for the upcoming year.


Yet many of us have been taught, as members of recovery communities, that God’s will is a one day at a time practice. We learn  to let go of expectations and to take the day as it comes. I have sat in meetings on January 1 where people talked about the relief of not setting goals or making resolutions. The goal is to be grateful for what we have and have it be enough.


I would like to suggest that both of these points of view, setting goals and intentions while being grateful for what is, have wonderful merit and that it is a both/and proposition.


True satisfaction and a deep sense of well-being comes from our ability to be fully present to the gifts and circumstances in the present moment. This is the only moment we have.


Yet, as human beings, we have an itch for more. We have longings and even discontent. It is the way we are built. We as a species, have evolved because people along the way paid attention to that inner voice that urged them to more. Every innovation and invention happened because someone was dissatisfied with the status quo and sought to improve it.


It is the same for you and me. There is a life force within each one of us seeking a more expanded version of each one of us and Life itself. Life nudges us to grow through our longings and discontent. Dissatisfaction is not bad, in fact, it is our Divine invitation to claim something more magnificent about life and ourselves.

For years as I attended Al-anon, I struggled with what felt like two opposing points of views-stay in the present moment or dream about the future. 


Looking back, I realize now that my way of thinking simply perpetuated my old belief in my undeserving and unworthiness. Who was I to think that I could have what I really wanted and  to think that it was ok for me to expect good things from life?


But, as I continued to deepen my understanding of spiritual principles as taught in Al-anon, I began to recognize my deep desires as God’s love letter to me.


As I learned to ask the question, “What would I love?” and followed where the answer  led, my already good life took off like rocket fuel. 


I now have work that is rich and fulfilling. I have a  level of financial freedom that I never before could imagined. Most important, as I have grown in remarkable ways during this process of living my dream life, I now know that we are meant to live lives that we love and our desires are truly God’s desires for us. 


I am not talking about passing whims or fancies. Nor am I talking about grasping for things to simply fill that sense of emptiness that so many of us have before entering the rooms.


I am talking about those longings that require us to dig deep in order to discover and develop strengths and capabilities that lie dormant otherwise. I am talking about the dreams that require each one of us to see ourselves  worthy and deserving of the good things in life. I am speaking to the visions and possibilities that demand that we reach for something bigger than just our own sheer human will.


In addition, as we live our dreams, we realize that they are not just for us. Our dreams become the way we give back. Our true heart desires are the way that Spirit, the Universe, Higher Power, whatever name you give it, uses us to serve and contribute not only to our own lives but to the people and the world around us.


This year, as you celebrate your recovery and give thanks for your present moment, I encourage you to also spend time imagining a life that you would love even more realizing that this is God’s will for you. 





Is It Okay to Dream?

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