“One of the great difficulties in the new order of thought is that we are likely to indulge in too much theory and too little practice.”

~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind



“I could go for such conceptions as Creative Intelligence, Universal Mind or Spirit of Nature but I resisted the thought of a Czar of the Heavens, however loving his sway might be.”

~Bill Wilson, Alcoholics Anonymous



It’s Not Easy Being Green … Or Is It?



It’s unmistakable in the early mornings. The ongoing So Cal rains are creating a full palette of sights, smells, and signs that spring is in the air and on the ground.

To my left, my right, and out toward the surrounding hillsides, green is at every glance. But not just “green” like one crayon in the box. More like a whole box filled with nothing but a vast array of green crayons. There’s the pale sunlit green of the tall field grass; the deep, lush, green flat grass covering the meadows; and the darkest green on the newest, smallest baby leaves on the tips of trees and shrubs. How do you describe a color?

Reminds me of trying to explain my concept of my higher power to someone–even to myself sometimes. Words diminish concepts immediately, even the luscious words of the poets and wordsmiths. The “thing itself” (a New Thought concept used by Ernest Holmes) is easy and expansive enough. The driving energy of the universe that is behind and before everything else.

Bill Wilson devotes an entire chapter in the Big Book to “We Agnostics,” where he accounts his own life-changing experience and encourages us to choose our own concept of higher power. Pick whatever image and words we want to help us break through our intellectualizing and whatever was browbeaten into us as (someone else’s) truth. That way we can finally come to terms with what we can accept and let it in. He offered words like Creative Intelligence, Universal Mind, Spirit of Nature… “Growth could start from that point,” he wrote.

Although I love words and respect their power, all this is beyond words.

My recovery is beyond words–the depth of the relief and happiness and freedom that comes with it. When I hear others speak of it, I know they lack words too. No problem. Their emotional passion is communicated loud and clear.

Recovery, Higher Power, Green… whatever. I will think less and feel more. And continue to stay in conscious contact with It so I can notice it all around me.



In gratitude, harmony and support,

It’s Not Easy Being Green … Or Is It?

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green … Or Is It?

  • February 21, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    My experience has been that lack of power was my problem. In we agnostics it addresses the issue of lack of power being my problem and goes on say that’s exactly what this book is about . If I do the work suggested in the preceding chapters I will find that power they are talking about wether I believe in it or not .
    Just my experience .
    Thanks Lena

    • February 24, 2019 at 10:22 am

      I love the brilliant chapter We Agnostics, even though I came in with (and keep expanding upon over time) a concept of a Higher Power. It’s rewarding and amazing to do the work as you point out is suggested, and find an inner and outer power that may look quite different than what we thought it was going to “look” / feel like. Are you finding it in your own way these days?

  • February 22, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    Really beautiful Lena…♥️ An entire box of green crayons of various shades describes my drive home on the conejo grade these days. Spectacular view so green and lus; I find it quite spiritual.

    • February 24, 2019 at 10:10 am

      So glad you’re noticing that gorgeous view… back in the day I think we would have been looking for the next liquor store – this is much more spiritual definitely… Thank you always for your beautiful comments, and for yourfriendship — this is DEFINITELY spriritual – xo


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