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by Clairey Sasser Grubbs


Everybody is posting New Year’s resolutions via social media. Meanwhile, my 41 year old butt is over here thinking, “Hahahaha, clearly these folks aren’t in a 12 step group or have learned from years of failed resolutions like myself!”

Maybe I’m being a bit judgmental but if I asked for a show of hands what percentage of folks kept those resolutions all year long; my guess would be very few hands would be raised. This brings me to yet another reason I can find blessings from my past and find gratitude for my life today.

How many New Year’s mornings did I wake (or finally go to bed) and vow, with or without a solemn oath, to NEVER do that again? Truth be told, we always called holidays such as New Years, amateur hour. It wasn’t just a particular holiday when I’d say those ‘fox hole prayers’ to the higher power, I didn’t believe in but was bartering with anyhow. If you drank and used like I did, you can probably relate.

Just for TODAY! I try my best to live in the moment and find gratitude each 24 hour period as we are taught to do so in recovery. This doesn’t mean I don’t try to achieve long time goals. For me it just helps me not to be so overwhelmed! If I still tried to make resolutions for an entire year, 365 whole days I tend to freak out. Knowing I have the power to live in the moment and even start my day over at any time is such a fabulous gift. For someone like me who couldn’t stand the thought of being in recovery the rest of my life, it is such a gift to know that… I just need to stay sober today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow anyways?

I also commend many folks who’ve gotten creative with resolutions and coined them New Year’s intentions. I tried doing this for a few years as well. And I’m sure many if you are familiar with the quote, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Ha! So today, this alcoholic/addict, known worry wart, and future tripper is going to do her best to remember to stay present. Uh oh, hold on just one dang minute! Did I just make a resolution?! Did I just commit to live in the day for 365 full 24 hour days? I’m full of lies! Hehe, gee whiz, I’ll just keep coming back. “Progress not perfection” huh?!



Just for Today

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