10 Best Things Heard in a 12 Step Meeting



Chances are you have heard some of these things too – I don’t claim that they are the original utterances of the people who spoke them – but I loved hearing them. I am not attributing them to anyone, but maybe they are published somewhere… we can share.


1. I used to change my goals and behavior to meet my disease; now I meet my goals by changing my behavior and disease.

2. I used to say AHHHH when I took a drink or a drug – now I say AHHHHHHHHHH when I engage in my spiritual practice.

3. I tried to fill a spiritual hole with unspiritual things.

4. This program continues to change as I continue to change.

5. Ritual dishonesty was my way of living before.

6. Recovery is a decision, not a negotiation.

7. Every evening I turn my worries over to God. God’s going to be up all night anyway.

8. Life is so full of good things I don’t have time any more for the bad things.

9. I used to be plagued by envy. It was spelled E-G-O.

10. When I was getting loaded, there always had to be something between us – I could not attempt to relate to you if I was not under the influence.



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List Post: 10 Best Things Heard in a 12 Step Meeting

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