More ABCs of Gratitude: A Fun Game – it’s Uplifting!



Let’s face it, who could not use a little uplifting at this point in time? The holidays can have a funk to them. Maybe it’s the good, the bad, and some ugly family dynamics. Or missing loved ones, or plain loneliness, or sheer exhaustion. Maybe it’s those inner and outer fires raging, or omg the politics of the day. So draining.

But wait––the truth is that the power is in me. I can care and cry for what is going on around me, and I do… and I can celebrate what comes from within. Gratitude comes from a deep place within that is always available and awaiting recognition and ignition.

There is always an untapped reserve of things to be grateful for, and I can choose that as my mantra even when my mind wanders.

So here’s another chance to play this lighthearted, fun game I’ve shared before. In my family, we’ve played it around the Thanksgiving table during dessert … even my mother in her later years when she was having memory issues and difficulty staying on track could always come up with something profound (it seemed to me at the time) with whatever letter landed on her as we went around the table.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not sitting around a table topped with turkey. I do this as solitaire more often than not. Even when it’s not Thanksgiving. It works just as well. Pretty self-explanatory.

What are you grateful for? – Here’s some of mine, in alphabetical order:

A: my Alcoholism (weird as that sounds, the condition has been a gateway to an expanded world after all).
B: my Blog
C: Cynthia, oh yeah and coffee
D. Don
E: Education – every day, learning something, beginner’s mind. Formally or informally, getting educated.
F: Friends, old and new; those in the future and those that have faded into the past; and Family
G: the ability to generate gratitude, and to gravitate toward gratitude in most all circumstances (eventually if not right away.)
H: my sense of Humor
I: Internal intuition
J: my job
K: Kayla
L: Love, laughter
M: Me
N: New Thought Sobriety
O: Old versions of myself that have morphed into newer, always evolving versions
P: Perspective – always can choose to reframe something to soften it
Q: Quality time with quality people in quality relationships – not the “friendships” I thought were so deep and important when I was out there – most were neither deep nor important.
R: Recovery Consciousness
S: my Son
T: Tess, my dog
U: Uncovering little nuances that are tucked into bigger realizations
V: Vicki
W: The Women in my life.
X: X husbands
Y: Yosemite
Z: Zero alcohol or drugs in my life today!




In gratitude, harmony, and support,


More ABCs of Gratitude: A Fun Game – it’s Uplifting!

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