New Ideas, Opportunities, and Situations


Right here and right now, as I welcome this current breath, I sense and acknowledge the one intelligent and powerful universal presence that is shining from the sun, twinkling from the stars, beaming from the moon, the expressing through so many earthly delights. And through me.

I am one with this infinite intelligent power. It guides and guards me at all times, lighting each and every one of my experiences. I align with the divine wink and nod and I know when I’m on or off track.

I sense new ideas, new opportunities, and new situations ready to be born through me, about to be nurtured into a thriving existence. As I peer into the beautiful and rain-kissed month of April, I smell, see, and feel that spring has sprung. I see Mother Nature expressing fully, naturally, and vibrantly right now, and so am I.

I feel gratitude and awe. Nothing to fear or hinder. I observe, discern, and rejoice for what is, what was, and what is to come.

I send my intention and belief out loud and strong, knowing that it is the truth, that all is well, and that life is so good. I do know the truth, and I am free.

… And so it is…


In gratitude, harmony and support,

New Ideas, Opportunities, and Situations

2 thoughts on “New Ideas, Opportunities, and Situations

  • April 4, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    I felt better just reading this. Breathing slowed down and I focused on the moment. Thank you💜


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