“We are bound by nothing except belief.”  ~Ernest Holmes

“Relieve me of the bondage of self.”  ~Bill Wilson – 3rd Step Prayer

Now that the 4th of July has passed, how wonderful it is to be able to celebrate Independence Day again today. Not to take anything away from the patriotic and meaningful holiday celebration of last week, but for people like me, every day is Independence Day, as long as I exercise my freedom to choose wisely. For me that means choosing health by means of sobriety. 

I can drink as much as I want as long as long there is no alcohol in the glass. Once I figured that out, I no longer felt the least bit deprived; in fact I felt abundant. 

My reality is based on my perception of things. My perceptions are being re-patterned to enable me to see that I am not really giving up anything. To the contrary, I am now able to take in and receive so much more of life. That is my current – and hopefully forever reality. 

Gay Hendricks says in his book Conscious Loving that “the unconscious mind is very powerful but not very smart… The conscious mind, by contrast, is very smart but has little energy.”  Figuring out how to get and keep both sides of the consciousness coin working together is the key to the New Thought philosophy, and for me possibly the key to staying sober and loving it.  In fact it’s the key to living in integrity and harmony with my highest power self in all areas.

I have loved and related to the phrase “the bondage of self” since I first read it in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. So much of my own bondage of self is lurking in my subconscious where it can yield power even though I know better intellectually / consciously. 

That bondage for me usually takes the form of fear that my smaller human self has had programmed in that I don’t even know is there until I do something that somehow challenges it.

By consciously affirming, emotionally experiencing, and re-minding myself of my freedoms and my abilities to live to my fullest, I can re-pattern my subconscious thought to chase away that lurking fear.

If I am bound by nothing except belief, as Ernest Holmes says, then it must be true that I am also fully free by the same thing.  

• Do you have an area of behavior or a thought pattern that continually feels binding to you that you intellectually know is false?

• What is one way that you are celebrating your freedom today?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


Not To Wave A Flag, But…

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