“We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.” 
                  ~Bill Wilson, “The Promises,” The Big Book – “Into Action”

“If man takes his images of thought only from his previous experiences, then he continues in the bondage which those previous experiences create.”                         
                               ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Intention:  Roll seamlessly into a positive future. Grasping that if my thoughts and feelings create my experience, then my present-moment thinking – strong, positive, and optimistic – is the way to go. 

But there’s my past… in those days weak, negative, and pessimistic thinking was default mode – I didn’t realize it at the time. So now I know. Mindful mode is how my present and future thinking is set.

But about my past…As I glance back, how I continue to judge and perceive it can still wreak havoc. The positive energy required to “trudge the Road Happy Destiny” can leak out if icky feelings linger. (I prefer to think of myself skipping along the road that
Bill W refers to in the chapter “A Vision for You” in the Big Book… Trudge sounds burdensome.)

Bill goes on in the “How It Works” chapter to say that a “fact-finding and fact-facing process” is called for. Not unlike a business that must identify damaged or unsalable goods and “get rid of them promptly without regret.”

Easier said than done… unless I take a broader perspective and recognize that it’s all part of the bigger story of exactly how I got to this very moment. It all makes sense “right here, right now” which New Thought reminds me is perfect. 

As Bill W suggests, I would change things if I could. If I found myself in the same situations today I would do thing much (much) differently – but I did the best I could at the time… or at least what I was capable of at the time.

But just maybe, given that broader view, I really wouldn’t change things after all. This trajectory I am on is perfect for me – at least it’s what I created and therefore what I needed to learn my lessons. And there does not appear to be a shortage of lessons I get to keep on learning.

New Thought speaks of right here right now, this breath, and this thought.              
AA speaks of one day at a time. This all makes so much sense.

At least in this moment, on this day.

• Can you resist going to “yeah but…” when contemplating a great present and greater future?

• Have you identified how some of the biggest pains of your past are gateways to your greatness?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


Pains of the Past are Gateways to Greatness

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