Ending and Beginning


In this unique and powerful moment, I know there is truly only one underlying, overriding intelligence, wisdom, power, and presence that is all around me. It is my Higher Power, the Highest Power. It penetrates, permeates, and courses through each and all of us at all times.

I breathe in and receive this power, knowing I am one with that which I sometimes call Spirit, Mother Nature, God, Divinity, The One, or sometimes call it nothing at all. I sense It, and know that It operates within me, and I operate within It.

With deep appreciation I look back and reflect on this precious month, and in fact this entire calendar year which is nearing conclusion. I know that every ending has within it a new beginning, a fresh new start, a bubbling sense of pure potentiality. I carry forward with me all that still serves me and others, and I gently release and set down that which does not. I cast a kind glance at the past year, over all that I loved, and all those things that rattled me.

I embrace the future with bold anticipation, courage, and great expectancy for my good.
I am grateful to know that I am at choice, and I am grateful to know that I can choose sobriety, serenity, and freedom from addictive substances and behaviors. I am thankful for my friends, family, and experiences that continue to serve as my teachers. I am grateful for all I have learned in my spiritual programs, and grateful for all I have yet to learn.

I breathe in and wrap my arms around this month and this year as it draws to a close, and in my next breath, I open my arms wide to welcome the next phase which is already filled with love, light, and limitless possibility. I am strong, I am open, and I receive all the gifts life has to offer including health, joy, abundance, and love.

I release these words to the Law with a deep knowing that they are true, that all is well, and that life is very, very good.

And so it is.



In gratitude, harmony and support,

Prayer Treatment: Ending and Beginning

2 thoughts on “Prayer Treatment: Ending and Beginning

  • December 29, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    So beautiful and powerful and true, thank you for your inspiring words! Happy New Year Lena! Love, Peggy

  • January 7, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Peggy – hi and thank you for your wonderful words — I appreciate you so much.

    2017 is going to be our year! All the best to you, until we meet again. Much love, Lena


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