Prayer Treatment: Illuminated from Within


There is only one underlying, overriding intelligence and power that is present all around me. It is my Higher Power, my Highest Power. I close my eyes and sense it within; I open my eyes and see it revealed all around me, in people, places, and things. With this awareness, I see everything in a new light.


I take a deep breath in and know I am one with this Power. I know that I live, move, and have my being in It; just as surely as It lives, moves, and has being in me, as me.


I live in a childlike wonder as new ideas continue to be born through me. In this sparkling, twinkling season of lights, I am illuminated from within. I see the glimmering beautiful outer world illuminated all around me. I let this month cap this amazing year even as it leaves one last unwrapped gift to be opened to reveal a fresh new page and a brand new year about to begin.


I cast a kind glance on this departing month, knowing that I am a different person than I was at its onset, built on my accumulated wisdom. I embrace a new month and look forward to a new year, brimming with all of life’s gifts, including health, love, joy, and abundance, and awareness.


With extra gratitude I release these words to the Law knowing it is done. I inhale, exhale, and smile.


… and so it is.



In gratitude, harmony, and support,





Prayer Treatment: Illuminated from Within

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