Prayer Treatment: Magical Moons


In this unique and powerful moment, I know there is truly one and only one timeless presence that constantly runs all around and through me. It is my Higher Power, my Highest Power.

I breathe in, receive, and welcome it, knowing it’s a part of me just as I am a part of it. Whenever I turn my attention to this Power, I sense it guiding and guarding me. It is internal, external, and eternal.

With deep appreciation, I look back and honor this precious month, this never before, never to be lived again interval. I marvel to witness a blue moon, a blood moon, and a super moon all at once, offered by the universe on the very last day of the very first month of 2018. With this I know magnificent precision and perfection abound.

I am grateful to sense new beginnings take shape. I affirm I am worthy of all good things, and strong enough to withstand any unpleasant or uncomfortable things. I am grateful to remember I am always at choice, and to know I can choose sobriety, serenity, and empowering thoughts and actions at all times, under any and all circumstances. I reach for new heights, unbound from the bondage of self.

I breathe in and appreciate this waning month. In my next breath, I open my arms wide and gratefully welcome the next phase like a new moon, already filled with love, light, and limitless possibility. I am strong, I am open, and I receive and deserve all the gifts life has to offer including health, joy, acceptance, and wisdom.

I release these words to the Law with a deep satisfied knowing that they are true, that all is well, and that life is good and getting better.

And so it is.



In gratitude, harmony, and support,



Prayer Treatment: Magical Moons

One thought on “Prayer Treatment: Magical Moons

  • February 6, 2018 at 5:55 am

    Very positive. I stand looking at these moons that are breath taken, asking to receive positive energy and embrace all new changes. Good or bad, everyday, praying to God for love and patience to deal with anything that comes my way.


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