In Divine Right Time, we awaken to the unfolding of a new season, a new month, and a new day––one day at a time!


Prayer Treatment: Spring to Appreciate

Right here and right now, I know there is one loving, glowing, supporting energy – a vibrational frequency that beams on, over, and through all the beings and interspaces in the Universe. That beautiful loving light in Divine Intelligence, Higher Power, Wisdom and Love.

I am one with this strength as I feel it shimmering and tingling within me. I feel energized and peaceful with this awareness that I acknowledge it in and all around me.

I sense a budding, newly awakened life energy in the air. The days are growing longer, the air is fragrant and sweet. My energy peaks and new ideas are sprouting and budding in the fertile soil of my mind. I am emboldened to step outside of my comfort zone, and immediately step into a new zone of awareness, ability, confidence, and accomplishment. Anything is possible outside of bondage of self thinking. I ask “what is mine to do?” and I hear the answers from my Higher Power intuition.

With deep and deepening gratitude for this gift of another day, another moment of time, I give thanks for my evolution, for that which blooms on my green growing edges, and for my willingness to let it. I open my portals of creativity and let the brilliance in, and let the brilliance out.

I release my word with joy and peace and expectant anticipation knowing it is done – this or something better – and so it is!!

Namaste . . .


In gratitude, harmony, and support,


Prayer Treatment: Spring to Appreciate

2 thoughts on “Prayer Treatment: Spring to Appreciate

  • April 2, 2018 at 3:55 am

    Hi Lena
    There was a lot of deep contemplative introspection with your post. I love the concept of stepping and living outside comfort zone. Comfort zone is mediocre. It is acceptance and complacent. We talked in church yesterday about the word “possible”. 200 years ago they would have said so many things that were “impossible”. Things like space travel and electricity and the digital age were impossible concepts. So we have to be careful what we label as “impossible”. But I really enjoyed your deep rooted passion. I have a friend that also speaks of her harmony and passion with Higher Power. I’m going to share this with her because she will likely feel a different connection. But I truly respect your perspective. Thank you for sharing! Glad life treating you well!!!


  • April 6, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    You have a wonderful energy and a healing, compassionate aura. I appreciate you💜


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