“Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.”

The A.A. Promises, The Big Book


“Never limit your view of life by any past experience. The possibility of life is inherent within the capacity to imagine what life if, backed by the power to produce this imagery…”

~Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind textbook


Promises and Miracles Come True


If I ever doubted that the promises are real and do come true, the events of this week would make a believer out of me. Ten years ago, none of this would have been possible. Nor would my perception be acute enough to appreciate the exquisite nature of divine wisdom.


Before I had my son Adam, I didn’t realize the joys of a little boy. What a life force, never ceasing to amaze me –never ceasing to make me laugh to extreme, still true to this day. My sweet companion during his toddler and grade school years, though somewhere along the way, I got distracted by my addictions.


What it was like:
During his preteen and high-school years, when I could have / should have / wish I had been there more for him, I was in divorce mode with his dad. My alcoholism and all the accompanying “isms” were escalating, and my head was buried further … well, “in the sand” is a nicer way to say it.
His teenage acting out never got too out of hand, for which I’m grateful. But later I realized some of his pains went beyond the normal “goes-with-the territory” growing pains. At the time, I was too self-absorbed to sense it.
I did sense him pulling away from me. An awkwardness grew between us, an out-of-sync-ness that I desperately (too desperately and annoyingly, thank you 4th Step) wanted to fix.
My divorce from his dad proved painful for all; for several years, it was extra excruciating. I drank a lot to cope, then went through a second marriage and divorce that really didn’t help mend any fences. I got sober, and it’s been a slow but steady rebuilding process, ongoing to this day.


What happened:
Earlier this year, I decided I would love to create some kind of special event that just Adam, now a young adult, and I would enjoy together.
“Out of the blue” some months back, he called to say that a concert of one of my favorites was coming to Northern California where he lives. Did I want to go? After silently jumping for joy, I said YES!
I further suggested we build in a few days to visit Yosemite, a family favorite destination from happy days long ago. The concert would cap the adventure. He said YES!
Then came a call. His dad and stepmom planned a big reception to celebrate their first year of marriage. Family from the east is coming out to celebrate unlike a year ago. Their reception falls on the very same day as the concert.
Fast forward to now – this very week, the week of the almost-made-it-to concert. And the reception.
I’m grateful I can now view events from beyond my myopic perspective. It’s about way more than me. I respect, appreciate, and value my son wanting to be with his dad and his aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Our shortened but eagerly awaited Yosemite trip still stands. We leave in two days.


What it’s like now:
But here’s where the miracle comes into full view.
This east coast family was my family for 16 years of my life, though unseen for the past 11. I asked my ex if he’d object if I reached out to say hi to some of my former sisters-in-law, maybe even meet for coffee.
The result? I got invited, along with my beloved, to join the family for the Sunday brunch part of celebratory weekend. Both my kids will be there. Both of them said Yay, come!
I am grateful beyond measure for this new amazing cap to the adventure. I could not have orchestrated this on my own. Higher Power in play.


What is next?
Makes me wonder what promises and miracles will be played out ten years from now. No attachment to outcome other than knowing that as I stay present when possible with one hand in my tool box ready to pull what’s needed, and continue to practice these universal principles in all my affairs, more promises and more miracles will come true.



In gratitude, harmony, and support,



Promises and Miracles Come True

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