One of our favorite teachers in the “sobriety + spirituality” space is Tommy Rosen of Recovery 2.0! The article we curated for this week’s guest post includes a powerful meditation video at the end. You may access the original post here.


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Your Power of Choice Has Been Restored


by Tommy Rosen



Addiction robbed us of the power of choice. And we lost our creativity and spontaneity along with it. We were cut off from the joy of life.

Even now, as we walk a path of discovery in recovery, we will still sometimes encounter periods where we feel cut off, but it is different from when we were active in our addiction.

We are now more capable of noticing the feeling rather than unconsciously reacting to it. And we have many tools that we have developed over time to help us navigate the challenging parts of life.

We are mature enough to realize that being on a spiritual path does not mean life will be without hardship. It means we are able to face all that life presents with an improved level of awareness and grace than was available to us before.

The restoration of the power of choice means we can advance forward as creative beings. We are participating in the unfolding reality before us. We have that power and we seek to use it wisely or to learn from the lessons that inevitably come when we use it unwisely.

The greatest gifts of my recovery have been the restoration of the freedom of choice and the development of intuition to be able to use that freedom more wisely more often.

Here is a special gift for you today. It is a simple meditation which was filmed when I was in India recently. Take a few moments and try it with me. It makes a big difference in my day. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is to your freedom, your intuition and your amazing recovery.


Restoring the Power of Choice

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