As you may know, the “idea” of New Thought Sobriety was inspired by the beautiful blending of two teachings: Metaphysical spirituality and twelve-step recovery. If you are an adherent of both, you know what a gift this fusion is. We spoke to someone recently who couldn’t quite see the compatibility between the two. His rationale went something like this:

1. Many people come to New Thought on the road to self-improvement.
2. Many people come to AA out of desperation or by court order.
3. These are two completely different mindsets.


Would it have sounded judgmental to say his claim was a gross generalization? It probably would have, so we didn’t come right out and say it. Instead, we went looking for other people’s opinions on the matter because, well, we do love us some research!

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The 5 Self-improvement Benefits of Sobriety


by Andrew Macia


Here are 5 of the many, many benefits of sobriety.


1 – Better Health

As you’re probably aware, alcohol abuse has many negative side effects on your mind and your body. It can cause anemia and liver disease, as well as anxiety and depression. It weakens your immune system and dehydrates your body, depriving it of essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Sobriety will significantly improve your mental and physical health. When you stop drinking, you stop polluting your body with chemicals and toxins. This will allow your body to reset and start functioning at a more optimal level.

As a result, you will find you’re more energetic, and you’ll sleep better, thus allowing your body to recharge. You will become more positive and motivated to engage in activities you enjoy, such as practicing a sport, singing, or volunteering. Not to mention you will look better too: your skin becomes clearer, your eyes and hair become more radiant, which can give your self-esteem a much-needed boost.


2 – Better Relationships

Relationships can suffer, and some may be permanently damaged because of an addiction. Whether friends and family are pushed away or they just cut you off, damaged relationships are a common effect of alcoholism or alcohol abuse.

As such, another benefit of sobriety is that you’ll give yourself the opportunity to repair and rebuild those damaged relationships, and you may find that without the influence of alcohol, they are better than they were before.

When alcohol stops being the center of your life, you’ll be able to interact and connect better with others. And the better you get at connecting and interacting with people, the easier it will be to find more success in life.

Why? Because approaching relationships with a clear mind can help you be more understanding. Plus, you’ll be better able to put yourself in other people’s shoes as you become less focused on yourself, allowing you to create more genuine and meaningful connections.


3 – More Money

As you probably know, alcohol is expensive, and maintaining your addiction may have cost you a big portion of your paycheck every month. Addiction makes you put all your efforts into getting money to acquire more alcohol, switching your priorities without you even realizing it.

Many drinkers never notice how much money they spend on alcohol until they stop, and that can be a nice surprise.

When you’re sober, you’ll be able to put the money you’re not spending on alcohol to other uses. For instance, you will be able to start having that fancy dinner once in a while, going on that trip you never got the chance to go on, saving for the future, or simply being able to pay rent on time.

In addition to this, the clearer thinking that you’ll [enjoy as a result of] your sobriety will allow you to be a better performer at work or in your business. And better performance in almost every undertaking leads to better pay.


4. More Chances of Living

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide, 3.3 million deaths every year result from the harmful use of alcohol, which represents 5.9% of all deaths. It is also a causal factor in more than 200 diseases and injury conditions; and 5.1% of the global burden of disease and injury can be attributed to alcohol, from alcohol poisoning, cancer, and liver disease to getting in a car accident while drunk-driving, abusing alcohol increases your chances of an early death.

When you’re sober, you’ll be less likely to develop many serious diseases. In addition to this, you’ll be keeping yourself out the many potentially life-threatening situations that typically arise due to the poor judgment we have while intoxicated.


5 – More Happiness

One of the greatest benefits of sobriety is that it improves your overall well-being. This means you’re healthy both physically and mentally, you look better, you have better relationships, you stop having feelings of guilt and shame, and your performance at work or school improves exponentially. At the end of the day, this translates into more happiness.

Sobriety can help you live your life more consciously. It can allow you to reconnect with the positive aspects of your life and experience them with a new perspective. If you’ve been an addict, you probably know that alcohol can make you lose sight of who you are as a person as well as prevent you from being in touch with your feelings.

When you’re sober, you feel more connected to yourself and your spirituality. Plus, you’ll be able to experience feelings of joy, love, and happiness in a more constructive and present way.

Life will become something to look forward to every day.



There you have it, five benefits of living a sober life. Obviously, there are countless other benefits of sobriety. Benefits such as achieving your goals, making progress in your career and relationship, and just succeeding in life.

Deciding to make a change towards a better, sober life is always the most difficult step. The road to recovery may be long, but there’s no doubt the benefits that sobriety can bring you are positive––from improving your health and physical appearance to saving you money and increasing your chances to become more successful in all things in general.




Sobriety and Self-improvement

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