For anyone not familiar with Reverend Sunshine Daye, today is your day. Read on to see how this wise and well-spoken woman sheds an empowering light on a topic that occasionally puzzles some in New Thought circles when dealing with recovery.

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Sobriety & Spirituality
by Rev. Sunshine Daye

A face book friend asked “knowing we are perfect, whole and complete, how do we get up and identify with a disease each time we speak at a meeting?”

First I will address the concept of being whole, perfect and complete. Many spiritual people throughout the world live with the cosmology that because we are made of God, (Higher Power, Life Itself) then that which is true of God is true for each of us.  Therefore God is Whole, Perfect and Complete and so am I, since I am of this same Source.

Starting from this basic truth, the question arises if I am whole, perfect and complete then why would I contradict that truth with anything less that this perfection when I identify myself as an alcoholic, addict, binge over eater, sex addict, etc…?

Here is one way to look at it. I am whole, perfect and complete – that is the spiritual truth of me. My spiritual nature is whole.  As I live in this physical world I am faced with the opportunity to still know the truth of who I am regardless and irrespective of how things appear in the physical form.

My experience of addiction is only an experience and it is not who I am, as much as, what I experience.  When folks identify at a meeting it is an act of letting others know I have had a similar experience.  I see it as the code word to gain access to the spiritual tools of a recovery process that has shown me a life free from addictions and freedom from a false belief that I am separate from my Source.

Words don’t have meaning – people give the meaning to the word – so what does your word mean for you?  Early in sobriety I learned the acronym for the word alcoholics is A Life Centered On Helping Others Live In Complete Sobriety (Spirituality, Serenity). So when I identify as an alcoholic this is what I mean and my life has been dedicated to living out this mission of helping others live in serenity, sobriety and spirituality.

Not picking up a drink or substance aka being dry is a start. The bigger part is uncovering the thinking, fear and misconceptions that lead me to seek solution and solace in chemicals or in a bottle.  That is where the work is.

There is a solution and the solution is not spirits but Spirit, not substances but Substance! Spirit and Substance are terms for God and we have been looking outside of ourselves for the answer.  It has been said that the Kingdom of God is within.  So the Indwelling Presence is what we seek to recover our whole self back from the misconceptions, stinkin’ thinking and fears that have run rampant in our life!

When we take a closer look at the 12 steps, we realize they are designed to connect us with the Creative Intelligence that becomes the solution to all of our daily living problems.  At least half of the steps make some reference to this powerful spiritual connection. Those who really utilize the power of these steps emerge from the living hell they have experienced to the greatest sense of heaven. Heaven being a state of consciousness is really a life of freedom, joy and peace.  It seems that sobriety & spirituality make a perfect team.  I so glad my alcohol addiction brought me right back to myself, my whole self.

If you want to discover your own I Am within or need help with the spiritual aspect of sobriety contact me to schedule a Revealing Experience.

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Sobriety & Spirituality

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