Words of Wisdom From a Friend of Bill and a Friend of Mine

I’m excited, proud, and grateful this week to officially begin to introduce some of my friends and colleagues who have made a beautiful life shift with the help of their Higher Power, 12-Step Recovery, and New Thought. The article linked below and the commentary from Claire are more on the AA side of things but I know you will get it and be touched by it, as I am.

To Live and Die in AA
by Claire Nelson

My first sponsor was an old man when I was 26. Old in a good way. He was wise and
patient. His ruggedly handsome face and kind eyes drew me in and inspired me to
trust him.

His name was Charlie, and he had 25 years of sobriety at the time. I remember being
awed by that number––even though he continually stressed one day at a time.

One night at our home meeting, someone reported that a beloved member had
passed away in her sleep at the age of 89; she had been sober more than 30 years.
After the meeting, I shared my feelings of sadness and loss with Charlie, and my fear
that he may someday leave us as well.

Despite my lack of tact, Charlie chuckled and shook his head. I will never forget what
he said: “Young lady, I believe we die like we live. I live in AA, and if I am lucky enough
to die in AA, that will be just fine.”

I was reminded of Charlie recently when I came across an article about a man who died
during a Sunday-evening meeting––literally face down in his “12 & 12”––after 50 years
of sobriety in and service to Alcoholics Anonymous. He died like he lived––sober and
among friends.

I found the article the same week Lena invited me to guest post on this amazing blog,
and since I do not believe in coincidences, I decided to share it here (with permission
from the publisher).


To Live and Die in AA

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